Mastopexy or breast lift means to reshape the breast tissue that is down or off-hook, raise the nipple-areola complex and remove excess of skin.

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There are two types of mastopexy: pure mastopexy, consisting on the only reshape of breast tissue when the breast volume is enough and mastopexy with breast implant (mastopexy with augmentation), which assembles and attachs the hook tissue while places an implant to increase the volume.

Breast ptosis is usually accompanied by an increase in the diameter of the areola and nipple, so the diameter of the areola is reduced to 4 cm.

Mastopexy always involves the need to remove skin, creating scars: from areolar scar when skin excess is limited to scars on “T” when the skin excess is important.

When menopause is reached, some women who did breast augmentation suffer weight gain and her breasts grow in size. In these cases we recommend dozing (instead of replacement) together with mastopexy.


Mastopexy, like the rest of breast surgery, is carried out with mild general anesthesia. The duration is close to 2 hours and overnight hospitalization.

Postoperative is simple; discomfort is light and a sports bra has to be worn for about a month.

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