Breast Reduction


Breast reduction involves removing excess of tissue that exists in the breast. The causes of the excessive breast growth that occurs in adolescence are not fully known. There are genetic and hereditary factors.

Very large breasts are a limitation choosing clothes and doing sport activity, causing hang ups in adolescents too. In the long run there may be changes in the spine as awkward postures are adopted.

In some women may be breast asymmetry: one breast is normal or small size while the other is hypertrophic. The surgeon should treat each breast performing the optimal procedure in each case.


Inflected areolas are raised and its diameter is reduced. The breast exceed of normal tissue is removed. The excess of skin is removed to adjust content and continent.

Reduction intervention is often complemented with liposuction to reduce excess of fat in the lateral chest region.

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The intervention of breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. It involves staying ing hospital along 12 to 24 hours, like mastopexy or breast augmentation .

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