Facial Lifting

lifing facial


The face lift is surgery that is indicated for the correction of the alterations that occur in the aging face: mainly sagging facial tissues and part of wrinkles (no vertical wrinkles of the lips are corrected).

Abuse of sun and snuff are the factors that accelerate skin aging.

Two types of wrinkles:

The expression, caused by the contraction of the muscles of facial expression, located between the eyebrows, forehead, periocular region ( “crow’s feet”), and nasolabial grooves mentonianos. Wrinkles are treated with botox.

Those caused by aging of the skin itself (loss of skin hydration and elasticity), which encuentrran on the upper lip, cheeks and chin.

The facelift corrects sagging skin and corrects the excess skin in the central region of the neck. Nasolabial folds are dimmed.


The incisions are carefully placed along the contours of the ear.

the facial and neck tissues are released. The fat can be sucked (eliminating the “double chin”) and internal musuculo stretches.

Once the inner muscles tightened, excess skin is removed back.

Most of the scars are hidden under the collar and the natural folds of your skin.


Do not take aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) or any medicine containing it during the two weeks prior to the intervention.

Leave snuff consumption at least 3 months prior to the intervention. The vasoconstructor effect of snuff can cause skin suffering (necrosis) in some area of ​​the suture.


General anesthesia is usually used. Sometimes it can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

The intervention is to reposition the skin and the deep structures eliminating the saggy skin.


Hospitalization is usually 1 day generally.

Avoid sudden neck movements. It is frugal diet with plenty of fluids.

efforts of any kind, as well as cough and constipation can be avoided.

Swelling and bruising are usually mild, when the technique is accurate and atraumatic.

the agency points 2 and 12 days removed.

From 15 days to normal appearance can lead a normal life.

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