Breast Augmentation

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If you want larger breasts, with more volume or better form, breast augmentation surgery is the right choice. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves implanting prosthesis to increase and improve the shape of breasts, we are in Donostia – San Sebastián. natural PU

This new image will give you greater security and it will increase your self-image.

For a complete and personalized information we suggest to arrange a consultation with Dr.Cormenzana in Guipuzcoa Polyclinic in Donostia – San Sebastián. You’ll get all the information and you can select the appropriate implants for you.



Breast augmentation intervention is indicated for women who have not developed her breasts or those who have asymmetry or other abnormalities such as tuberous breasts.
Another group is women whose breasts have atrophied after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Weight loss and the aging process are also causes of loss of volume but in these cases this is often associated with ptosis or lowering of the position of the breasts.



A personal consultation is the first step for any patient who is considering a breast augmentation. In this consultation plastic surgeon will clarify all doubts and specific goals of the intervention.

As for other interventions first thing is to know the state of health and medical history: previous surgeries, medications, mammograms results that have been made​, a history of breast cancer in the family.

The specialist will examine and photograph the breasts for study. We value the quality of the skin and the situation in the thorax of the areolas and nipples.

Sometimes the breasts show a decline in areolas being required elevation (pexia). Anatomical implants with high projection let us correct moderate sub-areolar ptosis, up to 2 cm., without making scars on the areola.


There area several surgical approaches for implant placement. We recommend the approach through the submammary. It is the more physiological approach to introduce anatomical implants and it provide us implantation display, ensuring proper and accurate placement.

Implants are placed in the sub-pectoral plane when there is little or tissue thinness. If there is enough tissue itself we recommend placing the implants above the muscle (subfascial plane).




We use last generation breast implants that are characterized by a cover or wrapper very resistant which prevents wear them and prolongs its duration. It contains highly cohesive (dense) gel to maintain the shape of the implants at any position and prevent the formation of undulations (ripling).

unnamedThere are two types of implants: round and anatomical. Anatomical are more versatile and provide more natural results even in generous volumes. There are many models of anatomical implants which differ in their action (to resolve all situations and adapt to the diversity of forms or abnormalities that may present women´s body). After an exhaustive study the surgeon selects the appropriate model. The woman may decide the volume conducting virtual testing with external meters.

The anatomical implants polyurethane-coated are reused in some cases. This ensures its proper fixation and integration.


We are making a large number of round and old implant replacement, being changed by anatomical implants. Many women who have been taken over more than 10 years ago, with round implants, have a chest often bland, flat, separated. Maybe they have had children and breast has fallen (also by the natural process of aging).

Round implants generally do not age well. The breasts are empty in the lower pole by the “waterfall” effect -also called “Dali´s Clock” effect-: the breast tissue slips and falls over the implant thats occupies the upper pole and gives an unnatural and unattractive effect.

These problems only can be reversed by placing a high projection anatomical implants. We will reverse these negative effects: we put the breasts, we give volume at the lower pole (restoring the proportion of 55-60% volume 40-45% lower pole and upper pole) and we raise the areolas, which tend to target down, giving rise projection.

The change is dramatic. The high projection anatomical implants are a very powerful tool.



The operation is usually performed by general anesthesia. In some cases it can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation. The intervention has a short duration: between 60 to 70 minutes with a hospital stay of 12-36 hours.



After the intervention of breast augmentation the surgeon places a bra to be permanently used for a month. Pacient can lead a normal life once spent a period between 24 and 48 hours after the operation. She only needs to not get weight.
After the initial healing period you will return to see the plastic surgeon for periodic reviews which are usually usually a month, two months, three months and one year. The long-term results will be assessed.


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